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Camel is the ship of the desert. We have known this since long time. A visit to Rajasthan (India) is incomplete without a camel ride. There are places still present in this part of the world where you cannot travel without a camel. Bikaner tourism has taken special care of the camel rides. Tourist places in Bikaner are flooded with camel ride opportunities.

The beauty of the desert remains unseen without a camel ride. The hump of the camel and the motion of its body give an unforgettable camel ride experience. Camel is a heighted animal that takes you around the burning desert. This animal is most suited for the deserts. It has adapted to the weather conditions of the desert.

Whether it is camel or a camel cart it is all together an unforgettable experience. At Bikaner the interest of the tourist is taken special care of. While visiting Indian desert the most enchanting experience is the camel ride and camping in the desert. It is only through a camel ride that you will see a rustic and authentic rural desert life of India.

The vast deserts can be barren or populated. Mostly they are colorful. Camel safari is the term used to describe a lavish camel ride across the desert. It is a planned and well prepared camel ride that takes you across the various phases of the ‘marudhar’ (desert).

Bikaner tourism has taken special care of the camel rides and safaris that are organized. Tourist influx to this part of the country is huge and also depends on the seasons. During the peak seasons more and more camel rides can be booked as there is a plenty of service provider.

The competition in the market makes the rates of a camel ride well adapted to the market situations. The demand and supply go hand in hand when it comes to camel ride in Bikaner. You can book a camel ride as per your choice.

Bikaner Tourism

Do not miss out on the camel ride thrill at Bikaner !!