Junagarh Bikaner Residing Palaces

The beautiful Junagarh Bikaner fort has many palaces constructed inside the fort. These are palaces that were built beautifully. Each fort was built with an aim. The palaces inside the Junagarh fort have been named and made with specific visions. All of them are wonderful and beautifully hand crafted. The amazing wall decoration that is done consists of beautiful colors and mirror work. The ceilings are even more attractive and they take you to an entirely different world of imagination. The parts and sections of the fort were built to amaze the viewers.

Huge sandstone walls are strong and reflect the strength of the Bikaner ruler. The tourism industry and the Junagarh Bikaner tourism are well linked.The beauty of the forts inside reflects the beauty of the culture of Bikaner. The fort is well maintained. Raja Rai singh ji built this fort and today it stands as an epic monument.


Karan mahal was built by Karan Singh in c.1680 to mark his victory over the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. It is considered as one of the most exquisite palaces built with gardens, which displays the aesthetic sensibilities of the royalty of Rajasthan. It has stained glass windows and intricately carved balconies built in stone and wood fluted columns. Later Rajas, Anup Singh and Surat Singh, also added lot of glitter to this palace with inlaid polychrome glass, intricate mirror patterns, and red and gold paint. In the coronation chamber, there is a shored up alcove, which was used as a throne.

/karan Maha

Karan Mahal


As the name suggests this palace is based on floral decoration and the architecture revolves around flowers, leaves and vases and sprinklers. The palace is a symbol of Jahangir’s ruling period.

junagarh bikaner

Phool Mahal




Multi-storey structure anup mahal was used for admin purpose. Italian tiles, wooden floor, windows and balconies are the main attraction.

Junagarh Bikaner

Anup Mahal



Gold plated decoration of this palace makes it more lavish. It is the most luxurious of all palaces. The palace has such aligned mirrors that the kings could see anything entering his area from his bed.

Junagarh Bikaner

Chandra Mahal



The palace was built for the commencement of rains and good weather in the desert area of Rajasthan.  The palace is built with beautiful and cooling white and blue colors. It was aimed to induce rains.

Junagarh Bikaner

Badal Mahal