Junagarh Fort Bikaner Timings

Like every good thing The Junagarh Fort Bikaner too come with the time limits. The best amongst the Bikaner forts the Junagarh fort is open for visitors from morning 10 AM to 4 PM. The junagarh fort timings remains same all time. Bikaner is a city that can be visited all the year round. The only thing to be taken in consideration is the temperature. The most preferred time to visit Bikaner should be October to march. The city is visited for various purposes.

October to march – as it sounds, this is the best temperature controlled period. Neither summer nor winter. The pleasant weather allows you to roam around and visit all outdoor sites. Forts and palaces welcome you at this period.

March to June – needless to say this period will witness the worst of heat in the city of Bikaner. The scorching heat might not be bearable but still some enthusiasts choose this period because of the lesser crowded places. Considering the heat of summers in Rajasthan the influx of tourist is lesser at this period.

The Junagarh fort in Bikaner Rajasthan is a well maintained fort till date. This fort is like a gem in the history and architecture of Rajasthan. The beauty of this fort is captured in camera by numerous visitors but what the eyes can see and the soul can feel cannot be described.The tourism industry and the Junagarh Fort Bikaner tourism are well linked. The discounts and gateways offered by the premium hotels during the peak seasons are attractive. One can avail such offers through various online sites and with travel agents too.

Junagarh Fort Bikaner  Junagarh fort Bikaner

A visit to city of Bikaner cannot be complete without a camel ride. The Camel festival held every year in January attracts lots of foreigners and camel traders to visit the city. The camel rides are further subject to be limited by time.There is nothing called a good time. It’s all in a heart that wants to roam around.