Bikaner Fort Architecture

If you are at Bikaner Rajasthan you are sure to lose your heart. The Bikaner fort architecture is so beautiful that your heart will long to stay back at Rajasthan. Bikaner Fort history is no exception. The Bikaner map is filled with monuments and places to visit.The Rajasthani culture is old and historic. The monuments here have that special charm and beauty. The architecture and sculpturing is amazing. The craftsmanship is worth a vow. Rest cities too in Rajasthan share this feature. All the palaces, forts and temples in the state are mesmerizing and the truth behind them can be excavated through Bikaner history.

The Junagarh fort architecture is a nice example of Mughal and Rajput architecture. The rulers of Bikaner had an influence of Mughal court. The decoration they adopted is quite similar to the Mughals. The stone art, wall paintings, glass work, wooden ceilings all call for the rich culture. So Gujrati, Rajput and Mughal they all contributed to the final outcome of the Junagarh fort.The fort has 40 feet high and 14.5 wide strong walls. The fort has a perimeter of 1078 yards. The pillars and gates of the forts are hard rock and could never be tress passed by the enemies. This makes the fort stand proudly.

Bikaner Fort

The Junagarh fort is amongst the world’s finest forts laid in the plains. The most unique thing about the fort is that it is has been built by 16 consecutive generations and hence the fort’s architecture has varied phases. One cannot just tag the architecture under one style. It is a nice amalgamation of various forms of architecture. The styles of architecture is varied and complementing each other.

It has seven parole (gates), nine attractive temples, 4 deep wells, some gardens, stables and barracks, jail, armory stone. All these were added by different rulers. The total area of fort is 163119sq. yards. And hence it is impossible to describe the beauty of the fort through words. Pictures can help and it is suggested to see this unique fort. This monument will fill your heart with pride.

Bikaner Fort