Places to visit in Bikaner – Temples Visit

Temples and Indian culture are integral part of each other. While talking about the places to visit in Bikaner the bikaner temples can never be overlooked. Bikaner as discussed is a historic city. Tourist places to visit in bikaner have its soul in the temples.

Any old city in the country of India is flooded with temples. A temple is a place of worship where the idol of god is worshipped. Since in Hindu mythology we have so many gods and goddesses its natural to have number of temples in the country. The state of Rajasthan is one of the largest and oldest. The glorious history of Rajasthan pays homage to the almighty for the powerful land of Rajasthan. Some of the listed temples that have shaped the history and the land of Rajasthan are as follows.


this temple is situated inside the Junagarh fort. The royal family has their prayer offerings here. Dussehra and gangaur festivals were celebrated here. The idols inside the temple are Lakshmi-Narayan (Vishnu and Lakshmi). The temple is yet another symbol of strength and power of the Bikaner rulers.

Places to visit in bikaner

Har Mandir



this is one of its kind temple. It houses more than 20000 rats (black). They are considered holy and are called Kabbas. It is said that if u are lucky and blessed you will see a white rat too. This is a magical temple where people come from all around the world. Karni mata (Godess) is the symbol of power. Lots of movies have picturized this temple.

Places to visit in bikaner

Karni Mata Mandir



Ratan Bihari temple was built in the 19th century. Till date the temple has maintained its old charm. It is a well maintained temple. The best part is its location. It is easily reachable from all parts of the city. This temple consists of idols of shri Krishna, Radha and Rukmani . The trio idols are made up of black and brown stones.

Places to visit in bikaner

Ratan Bihari Mandir